Live - Bringing forward the music scene's next generation of talent, I Am Music uncovers the artists of tomorrow and puts them in front of the worlds most open audiences.

I Am Music’s live music night, Play It Forward pushes artists boundaries, twists perception and promises very real and raw talent. Held every month within the epicentre of Shoreditch at Queen Of Hoxton. Forget everything you thought live music stood for and get ready to witness something totally unique.

The UK music scene is in a great place right now with our homegrown artists hitting the top of the charts all over the world. With so many changes in how music is being created, produced and distributed there is one thing that is constant. Everyone is working together. From collaborating on tracks, pushing each other’s music online and just being there when times get tough. We’re flying and it doesn’t stop there.

Play It Forward hand picks the most groundbreaking talent and brings them together to create something really exciting. Each artist takes to the stage to perform tracks of their own choice, they then join forces with the artist before them to collaborate on a track. No interruptions, no ‘get yourself to the bar’ breaks, just pure non-stop music. This is a live night for people who truly love what real music is about. Get ready for take off as this is about the survival of the fittest, real artists, on the spot, in the deep end without a second of rehearsing.